Talk the Talk: Spokesperson and Leadership Media Training

Just as it is crucial for organizations to develop a crisis communications plan, it is important that leaders have the skills and knowledge to speak to the media when a challenge arises. This session empowers executives and senior community spokespeople to be effective media communicators, through providing practical skills that will help ensure you deliver the right message to the media at every opportunity.

Looking through the lens of a reporter’s needs and perspective, this session covers strategic preparation, message development, and techniques for navigating tough questions. You will learn how to make sure your message makes its way into a media story, as well as how to communicate effectively under challenging circumstances.

To simulate real-life situations, you are recorded for a brief on-camera interview, which is reviewed and critiqued. At the end of each session, written evaluations are prepared for you with suggestions for follow-up and further skills development.

This leadership media training program is an excellent resource for people who may be required to communicate to the media about Israel and other topics important to the Jewish community.

Duration: 120-180 mins

For more information contact Judy Zelikovitz.

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