NCSP: Securing Canada’s Jewish Community

The National Community Security Program (NCSP) is a collaborative partnership between CIJA and local, organized Jewish communities across Canada. It is responsive to communal needs and the evolving security environment through the provision of various training modules that are coordinated, developed, and delivered by the CIJA Security Team. Customized security training is scaled to the needs of your target audience following a needs/capacity assessment conducted by CIJA’s Security Team. The NCSP Security Consultation and Audit is a core part of the NCSP training and engagement program, offering organizations an assessment of needs and recommendations for enhancement, refinement, or implementation of security-related systems and protocols.

Sessions include:

Advanced Situational Awareness (The Human Sensor): A program designed to train local staff and individuals to assist with physical security efforts, employing skills for early recognition of potential threats and for effectively reporting them to security staff and Law Enforcement.

Explosives Threat Awareness: A specialized training program designed to empower those responsible for the security of their respective organization with the skills to recognize – and respond to – threats posed by explosive devices.

Security Intelligence Briefing: An information session conducted jointly with local law enforcement agencies to inform community staff and members about the current security environment and community security initiatives.

Target Hardening and Active Threat Mitigation: A series of briefings designed to empower communal organizations and key staff members with the knowledge to identify security vulnerabilities, gaps, and needs. These sessions will prove valuable in the development of appropriate security plans and protocols to mitigate physical threats to personnel and facilities.

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please be in touch with Judy Zelikovitz.

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