Size Doesn’t Matter

sdmThe Size Doesn’t Matter (SDM) campaign celebrates the many facets of Israeli culture. By highlighting Israel’s many accomplishments and contributions in a fun and attractive way, this campaign has become one of Canada’s most successful Israel outreach initiatives, touching thousands across the country and beyond. SDM redefines Israel by educating non-Jewish students and people in the arts, food, and music industries about Israeli innovation and culture.

SDM is present on more than 26 Canadian university campuses and – through giveaways, themed parties, film screenings and other events – has proven to be a fun and effective way to advocate for Israel.

SDM’s promotional giveaway items are used for anything from tabling to parties to festivals and are effective in gaining attention and providing engagement opportunities with students on campus and the community at large. Past items have included: shot glasses, sunglasses, tote bags, fortune cookies, condoms, and more, with new items available for purchase each year.

SDM-hosted parties are highly successful, attracting diverse crowds.

Have an idea for a party theme or venue? Want to help us plan an SDM party near you? Give us a call! We offer face cut-out banners that allow people to have their photo taken at the Dead Sea, playing matkot at the beach in Tel Aviv, or celebrating LGBTQ rights in Israel. Since quantities are limited, banners must be reserved.

Students and community members with innovative ideas can apply for SDM micro-grants in order to run local SDM-branded programs. Applications and details are on the SDM website.

For more information contact Allyson Grant.

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