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BUYcott is the world leader in grassroots on-line Israel advocacy and, along with the Size Doesn’t Matter campaign, has established CIJA as an internationally recognized leader in the area of new media Israel advocacy.

BUYcott’s premise is that pickets and calls to boycott Israeli products are used to isolate and demonize Israel rather than to apply economic pressure. BUYcott takes a ‘judo’ approach, deflecting the energy of our opponents to generate support for Israel.

Using multiple social media platforms involving a global community of Israel supporters of all faiths, members of the BUYcott network can call for a BUYcott to support a store being targeted for anti-Israel boycott action. Activists then selectively purchase from that store to offset and swamp the boycott effort.

Successes are widely publicized so anti-Israel activists know their campaigns were ineffective. As a result of BUYcott, we have seen a marked decrease in the number of boycott actions aimed at Israel over the last two years.

The BUYcott program has been adopted by leading pro-Israel organizations worldwide, including Jewish Federations, AJC, ZOA, and JCPA, and it has been featured as a ‘best practice’ at global conferences on combating the de-legitimization of Israel.


Why BUYcott?

We aim to support Israel by encouraging the purchase of products and services from Israel. Purchasing Israeli-made merchandise is a great way to send a positive message.Buycott Israel will also help you combat boycott and/or divestment campaigns against  Israel. We will alert you to BDS efforts and give you the tools to fight back

What is BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions)?

The BDS movement is a coordinated international campaign by individuals and organizations to prevent people from buying Israeli products or doing business with Israel. The movement also encourages companies and organizations to stop investing in Israeli firms and countries to curtail cultural exchanges, trade and cooperation with Israel.

What products are targeted by BDS?

Everything produced in Israel, including life saving products and procedures-just because they’re Israeli. Canadians rely on hundreds of Israeli products every day, such as voice mail, cell phone technology and cardiac stents. If BDS wins we all lose, including residents of the Palestinian territories who also depend heavily on essential Israeli goods.

What other countries is the BDS movement targeting in this way?

None. Yet there are scores of nations throughout the world that, unlike democratic Israel, are ruled by dictators who have denied their citizens the most basic human rights and abandoned the rule of law. BDS proponents ignore these countries in order to question Israel’s legitimacy instead.

What is the BDS movement’s ultimate goal?

BDS supporters may say they just want to change Israeli policy, but their actions say something else. BDS activists have called on universities around the world to ban Israeli professors from lecturing on their campuses, even though many of those they want to ban are critics of the Israeli government. The BDS movement has campaigned against artists performing for Israeli audiences, even if those artists have also booked performances for Palestinians as well. BDS thinking considers all of Israel as occupied territory and BDS advocacy for the return to Israel of several million Palestinian refugees plus their children would dismantle Israel as we now know it. The result? Two Palestinian states and the destruction of the world’s only Jewish nation

Does BDS bring Israelis and Palestinians closer to peace?

Not at all. BDS blocks exchanges between Israelis and Palestinians in every sphere of life, preventing dialogue and contact which sets a foundation for peace. But peace isn’t part of the BDS equation. The real intention of the campaign is to demonize Israel, isolate her and challenge her right to exist as a Jewish state.

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