Press Release: Hate-Crime Analysis by Statistics Canada Highlights Urgent Need to Combat Antisemitism

February 26, 2019

Press Release: Hate-Crime Analysis by Statistics Canada Highlights Urgent Need to Combat Antisemitism

Ottawa, ON – Today, Statistics Canada released new analysis of 2018 police-reported hate crime data. The report highlights the persistence of hate crimes, particularly in Ontario.

In response, Joel Reitman and Jeffrey L. Rosenthal, Co-Chairs of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), issued the following:

“All Canadians should be troubled by the worrying trend of antisemitism in Canada. Despite an overall decline in hate crime, incidents targeting the Jewish community remained stable after a sharp spike in 2017. What starts with Jews never ends with Jews. We continue to urge Canadian leaders at all levels of government to take action in protecting our community from the dangers Jew-hatred.

“Sadly, Ontario, home to the largest Jewish population in Canada, experiences more hate crime than any other province. This week, Ontario lawmakers will vote on Bill 168: An Act to Combat Antisemitism, which empowers government agencies to more effectively address the threat of contemporary antisemitism. Countering the scourge of hate is vital. We urge all Members of Provincial Parliament to support this bill, thereby affirming their commitment to combating antisemitism and all other forms of hate.”

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) is the advocacy agent of the Jewish Federations of Canada

Key Insights:

The number of police-reported hate crimes in 2018 was the second highest since 2009, declining slightly from 2017.  Hate crimes targeting Jewish Canadians remained relatively stable after a spike in 2017 – dropping by 4% in 2018. Hate crimes against other communities saw declines of 50% in incidents targeting Muslim Canadians, 12% in incidents targeting Black Canadians, and 15% targeting Canadians on the basis of sexual orientation.

The Jewish community remains the most frequently targeted group when it comes to hate crime, with an incident taking place roughly every 24 hours in Canada. More than half of all hate crimes motivated by religion targeted Jews.

More than 40% of all hate crimes in Canada take place in Ontario, making it Canada’s hate crime capital. Four out of the five metropolitan areas with the highest hate crime rates (adjusted for population) are in Ontario.

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