Community Relations

CIJA’s Community Relations team works with ethnic community leaders, special interest groups, religious organizations and community members on projects and programming of shared interest. These initiatives, often undertaken with the Local Partner Councils, enable CIJA to strengthen relationships and advocacy efforts with stakeholders in other communities on issues pertaining to the Jewish domestic agenda and Israel.

CIJA enjoys positive relationships with church groups, ethno-cultural advocacy organizations, social service agencies, religious institutions, and community leadership across Canada.  CIJA brings a Jewish voice to multi-faith events and coalitions, participates in Christian-Jewish dialogue groups in cities across the country, and is a participant in the national Canadian Interfaith Conversation. Cross community work ranges from cultural exchanges, interfaith dialogues, Holocaust education, business exchanges profiling Israel, and collaborative work on policy issues, such as support for ethno-specific health services in Ontario.

For more information please contact Ariella Kimmel.

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