CIJA’s Campus team provides expertise, resources and issues-management support to Jewish and pro-Israel students across the country. Through a range of innovative resources and campaigns, CIJA empowers student leaders and local campus professionals to defend Israel, advocate on behalf of Jewish students, and form alliances with non-Jewish students on Canadian campuses. CIJA communicates with university faculty and administration across Canada to address community concerns and build bridges between Canadian and Israeli academic institutions. 

Each year, CIJA provides grants to Canadian students who are interested in organizing Israel advocacy events on local university or college campuses.

For more information please contact Jay Solomon.

 CIJA has also launched a campus email hotline to help you deal with issues that might arise on your campus.

5 Ways CIJA is Empowering Jewish and Pro-Israel Students

1. Protecting the rights of students

  • CIJA’s campus team works with Hillels and Jewish student groups across Canada to manage challenges, monitor anti-Israel activism, and share best practices.
  • CIJA’s security team communicates with campus officials and Hillels across Canada to assess security needs and help ensure student safety.
  • CIJA provides advice, resources, and support for students with academic complaints, security concerns, and other campus issues like anti-Israel demonstrations.
  • CIJA trains students on how to run for student government and win campus votes – crucial to defend student rights and counter anti-Israel activism.

2. Countering those who slander Israel and Jews

  • CIJA’s #ThisIsIsrael and #ThisIsHamas campaigns provide hard-hitting facts through social media and printed materials, countering lies about Israel and the Jewish people.
  • CIJA trains hundreds of students in media and communications techniques using strategic messaging based on extensive polling and focus-group research.
  • CIJA works with pro-Israel campus organizations around the world – including key partners in the United States, Europe, and Israel – to monitor global trends and share effective strategies and programs.

3. Sharing Israel's achievements, values, and contributions to the world

  • Israel’s detractors want the Jewish state to be defined solely by conflict and controversy. In addition to countering anti-Israel slander, CIJA gives students the confidence to stand proudly with Israel, sharing its extraordinary accomplishments.
  • CIJA’s internationally-acclaimed Size Doesn’t Matter (SDM) campaign empower students to promote Israeli technology, culture, and human rights through social media, videos, events, 30,000+ giveaway products and fact cards, and innovative grassroots-driven activities hosted by SDM interns across Canada.

4. Hosting impactful, life-changing campus missions to Israel

  •  CIJA brings more than 50 non-Jewish Canadian students, faculty, and administrators to Israel on fact-finding missions every year, providing firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing Israel and the values Canadians and Israelis share. These missions have been crucial in building relationships between CIJA and campus officials.

5. Building bridges between Canadian and Israeli universities

  • CIJA maintains close relations with senior Canadian university officials, which is critical in advocating for Jewish students and enhancing Canada-Israel academic ties.
  • CIJA builds relationships between Canadian and Israeli academics through joint research programs, study trips to Israel, faculty exchanges, and formal partnerships between universities. This strategy is positive for academia and a significant defeat for those calling for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) of Israel.
  • In 2008, CIJA established Canadian Academics for Peace in the Middle East (CAP), an arms-length group of grassroots faculty across Canada. Today, CIJA continues to work with CAP, which is at the forefront of countering boycotts of Israel, supporting local Jewish students, and advocating for civility and peace on campus

Have Questons about Jewish life on a particular campus? CIJA and Hillel Ontario have compiled a comprehensive guide, Going Somewhere? to help you out.

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